Perhaps it's best photos taken on camera phone. Photographer Jason Hawkes took pictures of Britain aboard the helicopter, and using the camera smartphone Nokia N8 at 12 megapixels. Jason Hawkes specializes in aerial photography for over 20 years, he has published 35 albums. He was doing aerial photography across the globe.
(25 photos)

1. London, Heron Tower, Gurkin and Tower 42.
2. Jason: "They say that the best camera - it's always the one that you have. I have not always with equipment for photography, but with a mobile phone I have not parted. In this model, an excellent camera. Buckingham Palace, St James Park, Green Park, view of the District's West End.
3. "Pictures from the air to make very difficult, so I squeezed the maximum out of the cell. Hyde Park, London.
4. Olympic Park 2012, velodrome and basketball arena.
5. Updated Olympic stadium.
6. Canary Wharf.
7. Stadium 02Arena and Canary Wharf.
8. Shard skyscraper is being built, London Bridge, the Royal Navy ship "Belfast" and a view of Canary Wharf.
9. Isle of Wight. Needles rocks.
10. Beach Chesil Beach, Dorset.
11. Project "Eden" in Cornwall.
12. Longships Lighthouse, Cape Land's End.
13. Clifton suspension bridge, Bristol.
14. Bridge over the River Severn, connecting England and Wales.
15. Church of St. Martin and complex Bull Ring, Birmingham.
16. Warwick Castle, Warwickshire.
17. Jodrell Bank Observatory, Lower Whittington, Cheshire.
18. Blackpool Plezher Beach.
19. Ribblhed Viaduct, Yorkshire.
20. Container ship and a bridge across the Firth of Forth, Scotland.
21. Holy Island, Isle of Arran, the Firth of Clyde, Scotland.
22. Boobies on the Scottish island of Bass Rock, where the nest more than 150,000 wild birds.
23. Discounted moorlands.
24. Photographer Jason Hawkes in a helicopter.